As an event hosted on the sea, we are especially conscious of our impact on the environment. That is why we collaborate with the San Sebastian City Council in the ItsaSOS project (In Basque Itsaso = Sea).

The initiative consists of making people aware that it is not only what is thrown directly to the sea, but also what is thrown into the rivers, in the street (cigarette butts, chewing gum etc. end up in the sewers) and from there into the sea.

Three key areas of work have been identified with specific actions to be place, including the use of electric support boats, taking measures to reduce car travel and aiming to get a large number of the necessary volunteers from the area.


Responsible use of resources

Use resources responsibly and wisely and in a way that reduces the carbon footprint of the event. Indicators we will monitor include:

    • Achieve a 70%-80% general waste recycling rate at the event for street waste collection
    • Showcase the use of 1 electric boats with solar panels, for support and for VIPs or Press.
    • Try to minimice travel as much as possible and to use sustainable vehicles as much as possible. 
    • Achieve a single use plastic free event for items purchased by the event
    • Water refill stations to be available
    • Volunteer clothing sustainably sourced
    • Locally sourced produce/materials for podium

Protecting People and the Planet

Ensure the event is environmentally responsible and ensures the wellbeing of the people who are impacted by it and the landscape that hosts it. Indicators we will monitor include:


    • Operational guidelines in place to deal with and report potential pollutants.
    • Active travel (walking and cycling) options 
    • Litter pickers on site, with containers for the recycling of different products.
    • Create a power plan that maximises use of grid energy